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Exchange Programs offer Utah Tech students the opportunity to pay tuition and fees to Utah Tech University and then switch places with a student in another part of the world for one semester or a full year. This format makes the use of financial aid easy to help fund your study abroad experience. Exchange programs suit the student who enjoys the independence to spend extended periods outside the U.S. Students will manage their own time and plan the activities they want to pursue.

Meijo University


Meijo University is the perfect location to begin or continue your Japanese language learning, but also take courses taught in English on various topics in culture, history, and literature.

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Gakushuin University

Gakushuin University, located in Tokyo, offers the opportunity to continue your Japanese language learning, while also taking academic courses taught in English. Concerned about your Japanese language skills, take their on-line Japanese Language Prep Course (JLPC) before you go.

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Phone: 435-879-4714

Office: Student Activity Center (SAC) 106